Viral Times

We continue to make and send stamps come what may. Wishing you safe passage through the weeks ahead. Please take good care of yourself and others!

Square Invoice Option

Choose your stamps from our online catalog or from any of our newsletters or even from the hallowed depths of your archived paper catalogs. Contact us here with any questions plus the particulars of your order. Once we gather goods and shipping details, we will add up the total and email you a Square invoice for secure payment.


You have a natural grace and great consideration of others.

Our Newsletter

We send out a newsy blast once or twice a year. More about that here.


Dear Fellow Rubber Stamp Enthusiasts,
During these extraordinary times many folks are staying home, including us. That said, we continue firing up the in-house vulcanizers, making stamps as if there were no tomorrow. As long as the Postal Service delivers, we are shipping orders promptly while minding the rules of social distancing. Also, we wanted to remind you that we have Square invoicing for secure online payments. Contact us to open the process via email. Once you have written up the particulars of your stamp and supply desires, we can iron out details and arrive at your invoice total. Soon your stamps will be on their way. Meanwhile, stay comfortable and safe. May good health and humor be yours for the duration. Slow down, take a deep breath and consider indulging in a trip to the Rubber Zone.

solstice sun art

Love Letters, Journals,

scrapbooks, cards, social posts, notes, wordplay and oddball scribblings await your artfully inspired adornment. The Rubber Zone is nothing other than your own natural, infinitely flexible capacity to visualize, recognize and shape creative opportunities.

Manifest Pictorial Zest

Tune in to the pictorial play of your own wild mind. Dust off your stamps and relish some quiet time either on your own or with others of your household for a deep dive into uncharted territory on paper. Conjure up outflows of illustrated letters, notes, cards and posts to Dear Ones near and far. Though in-person visits are on hold for now, your tangible messages will convey kindness and care in this age of high-speed overwhelm. Share encouraging words. Times are dicey, but this too will pass.